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Question regarding portals

Question asked by adcoleman on Feb 3, 2009
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Question regarding portals


I'm retooling FMPro's Lending Library freeware solution.


This solution has a tabbed layout with a portal that registers when an item in inventory goes out, when it's due back, when it gets returned. For my purposes, I've added a field connected to a value list, in which I can indicate whether this loan was successful or not.


I have added another tab to this layout, which I want to carry a second portal. This portal will display only those borrowers to whom the loan was successful. Some of the fields in this second portal will display the same info as the fields in the primary portal. Some (such as the field indicating success and type thereof) will be unique to this portal.


If a field I plan for the second portal (date the loan was returned, for example) will include the same information as the field in the first portal, can I use the same field in the same table for it?


And how do I filter the data in the first portal so that only the successful loans appear in the second portal?