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Question regarding Table Occurances and Portals

Question asked by kilbot on Mar 15, 2011
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Question regarding Table Occurances and Portals



I have a table CONTRACTS

That is linked to a table FIRMS

I have a portal on the contracts table that pulls over the firms that are used as subcontracts on the contract.

The issue I'm needing help with is that sometimes a firm is the actual prime contractor on the contract. I tried placing a field on the CONTRACTS table that was a dropdown using values from the FIRMS table of the firms names, but when I do this whatever I select changes the firms in my portal and the names of the firms in the FIRMS table.

Do I need to setup another table occurence of FIRMS for this field? If you setup a duplicate table occurance when you add a record to the primary table occurance does it place itself into the secondary occurance too?