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Question to Table and Field Relation in a Layout

Question asked by DanielLang on May 26, 2009
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Question to Table and Field Relation in a Layout



Dear Forum Members


I have a (I hope so beginner) question related to a layout I want to realize.


I have 2 tables:


table 1 called customers with the following fields










table 2 called states with the following fields





The relation between these two tables is set trough customers::state = states::stateid


Now I have created a layout for the customers table. This was so far no problem. But now the problem comes...


The records from the customer table has in the field customers::state the values of the field states::stateid stored.


But I want to have in the layout a selectionlist for that field where all related entries from states::statename are shown. The should be able to pick one statename from that selectionlist and the user should not see the valuse from states::stateid.


Now when the record is saved i want to have stored in my customers::state field the related value from states::stateid and not the visible states::statename.


Also when the user scrolls trough existing records, he should only see the value from states::statename (which have to be translated automatically from states::stateid to states::statename.


Here I will also give an example:


In the field states::stateid the records have the following content (for example):





In the table states the are following values:


states::stateid, states::statename

NY , New York

CA , California



Now when user enters a new customer record I want, that the user can see for the field state only:


New York



and not the codes from states::stateid. But inside of the customer record, the relate value from states::stateid stored.


I hope this explanation was not too confusing... I was trying all kind of different things, but I never reached the result I wished to have.


Has someone an idea how to define that ?


Regards, Daniel