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    Question with displaying username - Filemaker 9 Pro



      Question with displaying username - Filemaker 9 Pro


      For the purpose of this arument, I will call FieldA the username field that I automatically input when someone logs into the filemaker program.  When a user logs into my program, I just want someone to log in with first initial, last name; IE jsmith.  FieldB, however, is the field I want to manually input names, IE John Smith.  With these in place, I'm wanting to match FieldA with the list from FieldB, so I can display the entire username, not the username in FieldA (JSmith) when a report is created.  I'm basically just trying to elimate people having to put their full name in the login box, and trying to eliminate one from having to scroll through a list to find their name.  Is this possible?  I was thinking having an If/Then statement, but honestly don't know a thing about those and don't know how to insert that into the calculation.  I'm just now getting wet with this Filemaker Pro stuff, but I'm good with computers, so hopefully it will go less painful.


      Thanks in advance for any help! 

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          Thank you for your post.


          I would create a table with two text fields:

          Login Name



          This table would have all people with login names.


          Then, in your other table, create a relationship between the current table and the newly created table, where the "key" field would be the Login Name.  Then, when you enter a login name, it automatically links to the appropriate record in the newly created table and displays the name.


          On your layout, you can use the Field tool to display the "Name" field from the related table.


          If you need further clarification, please let me know.



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