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      When I create an Invoice database using the sarter solution, I noticed that it will generate the product name itself on the blue rectangle when I type a name in the Product Name filed.(Pls see the screen shot below for more details)

      I really like to have this function in the database that I create myself. Is anybody know how to make it happens?


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          One way to do this in the database you'll create yourself is to embed the Product Name field, or whichever field you end up naming/choosing,  into your layout.

          Enter layout mode, then using the text tool enclose the name of your field with << >> at the desired location.  It would look like <<ProductName>>, for example.

          Please note, however, that the embedded field's text will only reflect the text entered into the field below after the field has been exited

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            Just to describe a different way to do the same thing:  You can also just make a copy of your field and place it where you want it elsewhere on your layout. You can use Behavior settings in the Inspector to deny access to the field while in browse mode if you don't want the field to be editable.

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              Thank you for the tips! The way PhilModJunk showed me is really simple!

              But I'm also very interested to figure out how Rdowler's way work; because I dunno how to embed a field.

              I have tried to use the text tool to enclose an existing field that I've created under layout mode. However, it won't allow me to edit the field....

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                In layout mode, select Merge Field from the insert menu. This is a good option when you want to include data from one or more fields inside a block of layout text such as:

                Dear <<clientNameField>>.

                Thank you for calling me on <<DateField>>