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Question: Keep a table and portal in sync (part 2)

Question asked by BillyWilliams on Sep 14, 2011
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Question: Keep a table and portal in sync (part 2)



This is a continuation of a previous post, but I had to make a new message as I could not insert a picture in the reply section of the original forum message. (I tried for three days on three computers with four different browsers.)

I am still trying to get a Main table and a Portal to scroll in synch with each other.

I have 1 table.

I have 1 key field.

I have self joined.

The relationship uses the X operator.

I have put the original table on a layout, I have put the selfjoin table in a portal on the layout.

All I want is that they scroll in sync, and if I select a record in either, the related record shows in the other.

I presume I must need a script, but I have actually tried every possible combination of scripts and events I can think of, but it just does not happen for me.

Is life really this difficult, or is it me just not getting the point?

I don't think I am totally stupid, I've raised 3 kids and held down a decent job for 30 years.

So please could someone put me out of my misery and help me just get started with this.

Thank you.