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    Questionnaire points



      Questionnaire points


           Hi, This should be any easy one  but I can't figure it out :/

           I want to create a form. 


           Question 1 How do you feel today?

           A) very bad B)bad C) good D) very good 

           (so i used the value list on radio control style field)

           BUT instead of putting value "very bad" , "bad" , "good" , "very good"

           I want to have "0" , "1" , "2" , "3"   regarding to answer A B C D, so later I can sum the points 

           Thank you !

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               Option 1:

               Define the value list for your radio buttons to use the values 0, 1, 2....

               Resize the field to present the radio buttons in a vertical column. Make the column so narrow that only the radio buttons, not the values 0, 1, 2... are visible. Use layout text to add the "Very bad", "Bad" text next to each button.

               Option 2: Use a value list with the text values for your radio buttons but use a calculation field to produce the needed score from it:

               Case ( RadiobuttonField = "Very Bad" ; 0 ;
                           RadiobuttonField = "bad" ; 1 ;
                           RadiobuttonField = "good" ; 2 ;
                           RadiobuttonField = "very good" ; 3
                         ) // case