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    Questions about calculation fields?



      Questions about calculation fields?


      1. How do I make a calculation field's value don't affect history records? For example, when I change a calculation formula, my old records remained unchanged but future records will take the effect.
      2. Can I make a calculation field that only execute the calculation in certain condition? For example, only execute the calculation when the field x = Y? Otherwise, do nothing.

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          1. This cannot be done with a calculation field. Changes to a calculation field's definition will result in the field recalculating over the entire table. But you could use a data field with an auto-enter calculation and then redefining the auto-enter calculation does not automatically assign new values to existing records.

          2. There are IF and Case functions that can be used to calculated results conditionally.

          If ( X = Y ; A + B )

          would be an example of that.