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Questions about Calculation....

Question asked by Ray on Mar 30, 2010
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Questions about Calculation....


Dear All


I am a new user of FileMaker 10, could someone help me solve the database problem~

I want to build up a database for used assistive technology device, so I have developed a Table for device information.

However, the problem I had is that I don't know how to design the searching criteria to find data.


I already design a 5 scale vale (No Symptoms, None, Mild, Moderate, Total Disability) as a "radio button set" on many "fields",

How can I transfer these fields to number value and then calculate for its "Sum"?

For example, "No Symptom" = "0" and "Total Disability"= "5", then database will sum all the field value and show the total output 


Another question is that if I set up the radio button set for one layout, how can I refer this field output to another layout?

For example, I set the field name" wheelchair search:: Main using place" and had "radio button " for "Indoor  & Outdoor" as the field value

If someone select "Indoor", how can this output refer to another field "Power Wheelchair:: turning radius" and use the value "Small(Below 20") " to find the product.

(P.S. Power Wheelchair:: turning radius also had a three drop down values options "Small (Below 20"), Medium (20" - 25"), Large (Above 25)" )


Sorry! questions are kind of long

But I will really really appreciate for your help because I almost stocked for two weeks ><