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Questions about database structure for inventories

Question asked by JoshMarvel on Jan 26, 2015
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Questions about database structure for inventories


I am currently working on a small project to setup a database to record information for our research. I have reviewed many sources of Filemaker information and tried many different types of relationships and layouts, but I can't find a system that works.

Currently, we have field plants that need data recorded, and once we collect seed from those plants, we need to catalog and store those seeds. I am using barcodes to separate the accessions, but the barcodes i use in the field are not the same barcodes that are used for seed storage. So, two separate inventories that are linked. My problem is how to I achieve this. Portals? Relationships? etc.

I have tried two tables. One for Plant Inventory and one for Seed Inventory with overlapping fields linked, but I find that a layout listing Seed Inventory information has blank fields because I haven't collected the seed yet. So, I will have 10 listings of blank boxes because I have 10 records listing Plant data.

I've tried a joining table between the two inventories, but I find that fields don't like being empty upon data entry. It requires that I put data into every field that is in a relationship. Data that I don't have yet.

So, could anyone out there give me a clue? Am I missing something simple?

Thanks for checking this out.