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Questions about importing .XLSX file into FileMaker Pro 11

Question asked by drmacintosh on Oct 25, 2010
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Questions about importing .XLSX file into FileMaker Pro 11


I have a Microsoft Excel 2007 file that I have created which contains 4 tabs running across the bottom.  In my browsing the FileMaker website and feature set of FileMaker 11, I know that FileMaker can import Microsoft Excel .XLS/.XLSX files.  When I import (File\Import Records...), FileMaker reads each of the 4 tabs as separate database files, so as it seems.  After the .XLSX file has been selected a dialogue box window pops up with the header reading Specify External Data, Display worksheets button selected and below asking which of the 4 worksheets, tabs as I call them, I would like to import.  If I select the first of the four entries I get a window with header reading First Row Option with below "The first row of data is commonly used as column headings and could be converted into field names.  Use the first row as field names or data?  File: [2010 Month to Month Expense budget.xlsx] 2010" and the option of converting/importing as Field names: The first row will be  used to name the fields or Data: The first row will be used as the first record.  Fields will be given default names (f1, f2... etc.).  The same is true for the other three if one of them is selected.  Any ideas and what from Excel is understood and read from and what isn't.  Thank you once again.  I have attached a file to show what I am referring to.