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Questions about Status area and securities

Question asked by demikid on Feb 1, 2010
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Questions about Status area and securities




I was just wondering, with a database published online using Instant Web Publishing, is there any ways that the end user can disable to status area or lock it or something so it cannot be access anymore? Or even better, create an account that only allows that person to access the Status area? I am looking for a way which I can access a database through IWP where unauthorized people cannot access it? I know you can do it through Pro, but Im thinking if there is a way to do this?


Or any way so that the database cannot be edited or altered in any ways by unauthorized people? Because for a particular database I dont want other people to be able to see the 'arrow' at the side and if they curiously click on it, they have full access. Anyways to do any of these? Thanks in advance!