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questions on many to many and portals

Question asked by mgores on Aug 29, 2011
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questions on many to many and portals


I am trying to put together a solution for my sons scout troop.  I have a contact table for the scouts and an event table for different events.  Knowing that there are a bunch of scouts and a bunch of events, I figured I would need a join table to link the two since not all scouts participate in all events.

I am having trouble setting up a layout where I can associate a scout to an event or vice versa.  I have been trying to set up a portal on the scout layout using the scout_event relationship showing fields from the event table, but an event will only show up when I go to the scout_event table and manually create a record and enter the scoutID and eventID.  I would like to be able to list the events in a second portal and be able to select from the list of events or go to the event layout and select which scouts from the list of scouts.