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quick find half a value, does that not work?

Question asked by microbatteryshop on May 23, 2012
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quick find half a value, does that not work?


Maybe its a stupid questionEmbarassed. But i use a script to search for products in my table.

so far so good. It works. However lets asume i search for  "SBCSFCRP1632" when i enter it completely it works. when i enter "SBCSFCRP" i get more results. ok.

However, when i enter " 1632" i get an error. And i get the same results in the standard search field from filemaker at the top right.

I tried "*1632" but again not possible.

Does someone have a solution?

"snel zoeken uitvoeren" should be "execute fast search" or something in englisch

this is the script:

Snel zoeken uitvoeren (PRODUCTS:: search_product) 

many thanks for your help gues