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Quick Find not showing in status toolbar

Question asked by JamesMcalister on Feb 23, 2011
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Quick Find not showing in status toolbar


None of my databases are showing the Quick Find search box on the status toolbar, and I can't seem to get it added. The layouts are enabled for QF in layout setup, and the fields are likewise enabled. But when I try to customize the toolbar by dragging the QF icon to the toolbar, it won't go. When I select it to drag (Customize > Commands > Standard), there is an X that shows by the icon, and nothing happens when I try to drop it. I can drag and drop other standard items (such
as New Record), however.

When I open the same file on my laptop, the QF search box is there, but when the same file is reopened on the desktop, QF is gone.

Is there a setting on my desktop FM configuration that I'm missing somewhere? I'm using FMP11A with the latest update installed on Windows XP.