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Quick Find Pull-down technique?

Question asked by Thewack on Jan 26, 2010
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Quick Find Pull-down technique?


This is kicking my butt!  I have searched a few other forums and got nothing bit heart ache.


Here is the set-up:

My layout has a 4 tab control as the main work area. Tab 1 is Customer Info, 2 is Orders, 3 is Material list, and 4 is Payments and Costs.  I would like to have a Pull-down (or pop-up) in the header area of my layout that is populated with [OrderID].  When I select the Order ID that I want to work on in the Pull-down, the Tab control jumps to that record set associated with it.


I have a pretty good understanding of relational DB although it is all with Access and VBA.  SO, not only would I love to see a solution to this problem I would also LOVE to get a thorough explanation of it.


Now before anybody states the obvious "What's wrong with Find Mode", the ultimate goal for my layout would be 3 Pop-ups that each filter down to the next Pop-up.  For example I find the Customer in the "Customers" pop-up then the "Orders" Pop-up is populated with only that customers orders; then when I select the Order I want, the "Order ID" Pop-up is populated with only those OrderIDs.


A couple of clicks in the object properties of Access and I would be sipin' Mia Ties by now but for some reason I cant get this figured out in FMP.


Thanks so much! Jack sends.