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    Quick Find Trouble Shooting



      Quick Find Trouble Shooting


           Hi Guys,

           I'm setting up quickfind on my database and I'm having trouble setting which fields to search and which to ignore.

           I've gone through the database and unticked the "Include field for Quick Find" box like it says to but for some reason the quick find still returns records from finding data in fields that it shouldn't be searching? It seems to me that it doesn't matter which fields are ticked, quick find searches the entire database regardless.

           Am I missing something?




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               Quick Find and the "include field..." option in the Inspector are layout specific. If you clear that check box on one layout an do a quick find on a different layout, the settings made on the other layout do not apply.

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                 Thanks - just working on one layout. I must have lost a "created by"  field somewhere on my layout because I've definitely turned off all the fields I don't want it to search but its still coming up with 100% return when I search for my name (I've created all the records). Should only be bringing up one record though.... Going to have to tear my layout apart and see if I can find a field hidden behind an object somewhere.



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                   Found it!

                   There was one little "created by" field hidden in the background of the layout - giving me a world of trouble!