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    Quick Layout Question



      Quick Layout Question



           IN the attached screen shot you can see that I am able to record prescription information and you can see a couple I have done but the layout is a bit tall. How can I shorten it up a bit.






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               Reduce the height of your Directions and Notes fields. Then reduce the height of the portal row to just barely larger than the largest field in the portal row. Use this layout for data entry only. Use a different layout, a list view layout based on this portal, for printing out the information shown. (Note: if you remove the scroll bar feature from these two larger fields, you can click or tab into them and they will "pop out" to a size large enough to show all text in the field as long as the cursor is in the field.)

               You can also use a tool tip to display the complete contents of a field such that hovering a mouse over it shows the contents of the field and if you are using FileMaker 13, there are ways to locate a popover outside this portal such that clicking a button or field inside the portal row opens the popover and displays that field in a larger format than what you might select for a field in a portal row.

               You might also reduce the number of portal rows specified for the portal. to produce a smaller portal.

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                 So yes, I had the portal set to display 34 rows. surprise That fixed the main issue.

                 I like the idea of a popup and I did notice that when there is data in the notes field and you click on that field it 'pops down' if you will to reveal all the data in the field. Still for data entry though, when you've got a lot of notes that small box does not intuitively suggest to the user that there's plenty of room for all the notes you want to write. That's why I thought larger boxes would be more user familiar.

                 I think I'll just ask the client what he thinks.

                 Many thanks,