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      Quick Look


           Why is it so hard to incorporate Quick Look in Filemaker on the Mac? This was in Bento. Why can't it be in Filemaker?

           I've submitted feature requests, but it has been several years now and the feature is STILL not available.

           It would really be helpful.

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               And what is "Quick Look"? for those of us that didn't have Macs and thus never used Bento?

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                 Quick Look is when you select an image container, press the spacebar and a modal window immediately opens with the image at full size. This also works for viewing PDFs and certain other file formats. You can basically view files without having to open the file in the native software.

                 In the Mac Finder and many other Mac apps, this feature has been readily available for several years. In fact, I believe since 2007.

                 I don't see why it would be so hard to incorporate it in Filemaker.

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                   I don't see any real need for that myself. It's pretty simple to build that kind of thing into a FileMaker database from the components already present in FileMaker. You can pop open a window set to a layout based on the same table where a single container field auto-sized to fit the dimensions of the window displays your container field in "full screen" or nearly "full screen" scale.

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                     As Phil says, you can do something somewhat similar by using FileMaker itself, by using another window, which could open to the appropriate size (with some effort). 
                     If you really want to use Quick Look you can do that, with some work, on a Mac. It is available via Unix command like, which can be run using a FileMaker script step, Perform AppleScript (down near the bottom of the script steps, in the Miscellaneous category).
                     The Unix command (and option) is: qlmanage -p
                     '-p' means "use the following file(s)"
                     You'd then need to tell it the file path to the Container's file. As I said, some work is needed. I ran into an example FileMaker file for this a while ago, at this site (of this forum):
                     [ Notice that he mentioned that he had a problem with Maverick. I do not use it, so don't know whether it works.]
                     His example file is fairly simple. It just uses an Export, with "Get ( TemporaryPath )" to recreate the Container file there; then uses that for Quick Look to view.
                     There are other ways you could do this by just using the file was from an Import as a "reference". But that's a bit more work. I was also messing with doing it if the file was on another "volume"; haven't got that working as yet; the calculation needs better tweaking :-|
                     The good thing about Container fields is that they can get data from many types of files; the not so good thing is that your calculation and/or script must handle this. 
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                       Thanks for the suggestions. Again, I don't see why it would be so hard for Filemaker to just build it in. It would already be using the core capabilities of Mac OS. Doing it by relying on a user-created script means that script needs to be added to every single database I build, which is really ridiculous.

                       I know doing this with a script is possible, but it shouldn't be necessary in 2014.

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                              It would already be using the core capabilities of Mac OS.

                         Unlike Bento, FileMaker is cross platform. No such equivalent "core capabilities" exist in Windows. But it's really not at all difficult to produce the same result with FileMaker tools that are already part of the system and which are not platform specific.

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                           Just for fun (if you find writing these kind of "file" calculations fun), I added a (big) change to the file (which was written by someone else). It can now handle a Container field's data if it was a "reference only". It can also handle this if is from another one from "volumes". I would advise testing your data in this file first, before trying to put this into your real database. The basics of using the OS QuickLook is to pass it a proper Unix file path (quoted if needed). Examples:
                           "/Users/fej/Downloads/zMisc/PDFs images/JOT/JOT Texting Zombies.jpg"
                           (the above would not work on your machine, but you get the idea).
                           My calculation produces the above from the FileMaker Container field.