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    Quick network question


      Quick network question


      Was just thinking about how I set up my network it use FM11 Advanced. 

      I have three macs, one of which will be a Lion server. Am I correct in thinking that I install FM11 advanced on each mac and additionally put the database file on the server's main documents folder for each mac to access? The file can be accessed simulataneously I assume? What happens if two users are on the same record at the same time?

      Or do I need to put FM11 Server on my Lion server? Any advice appreciated...!



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          The first question is how many simultaneous clients do you expect to have?

          You don't need FM Advanced to host files - the 'ordinary' client will host up to 9 simultaneous users.  The advantages of Advanced are to the developer, not the host or client.  You have to have one licence per user, including the workstation acting as the server.

          Install the file on the workstation that you want to host the file.  (It will be your 'server'.)  Launch the file and turn on Filemaker Network sharing.  On the other 3 workstations launch Filemaker and select File ->Open Remote.  You will see the server listed in the left pane; click on it and you will see all hosted files in the right pane.

          If two users try and edit the same record the record will be locked by the first user.  This is standard good multi-user database practice.


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            Hi Sorbuster - There will only be three clients. I have FM advanced anyway. So I assume the only point of Filemaker server is for huge businesses with many many clients..?

            I have done a quick dry run using two macs (one is snow leopard, where the FM database is hosted, with network sharing running, the other is Lion) but when I open remote on the Lion mac, there are no files available at all/folders at all. IS this because I am not running Snow Leopard server, or is it a problem between Different verions of mac osx, in this case SL and Lion...?Or have I done something else wrong..Thank you for your help..


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              You will need FM Server if you have more than 9 clients to the host - noy just when it gets to be a 'huge business'.  You say that you have FM Advanced, but you need one copy for each workstation using the system, so if I understand correctly you will need 4 -1 for the 'server' and 3 for each client.  There is (was) no need to buy 4 copies of Advanced (it's about 50% more expensive than the normal client), unless you have 4 people wanting to do development work.

              On the host computer you need to turn on FM Sharing and also in the right side of that dialogue make sure you have specified at least one Privilege Set of users who can access it.  For de-bugging set it to 'All users' in the meantime.

              Sometimes firewalls can affect the ability for FM to show hosts and files.  Have you allowed Filemaker access through the firewall of both computers?  Do you know the IP address of the server?  If so, you can try manually entering the address in the format it shows in the bottom of the Open Remote dialogue:, like: fmnet:/ File Name

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                I see - that makes sense. I have Fm standard on the other clients so no problem there. I shall check my firewall settings and add manually if problems. I'll report back if I have any futher issues - thank you again for your help...