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    Quick Popover question



      Quick Popover question


           Can you adjust the zoom level of a popover? We have scripts that automatically increase the zoom level of a page (for the sight impaired) and would like to be able to do that with popover windows too, if possible; currently, the default magnification for popovers appears to be locked at 100%.


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               A popover is just a special kind of tab control. As it is another part of the layout on which it resides, it should zoom when the window as a whole is zoomed.

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                 I must have something set incorrectly, then, since it doesn't enlarge along with the page's zoom level. (See attached: 100-150-200 zoom.) Could it be that with a style assigned to the popover the .css overrides the zoom change?

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                   They zoom for me. You've asked an interesting question about themes. I wouldn't expect that to make a difference, but clearly something is affecting your results.

                   But as I look more closely at your screen shots... These look like new windows--not popovers as I don't see the arrow to the popover button. WIndows would have independent zoom settings.

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                     Yup, it's a popover. If you look closely at the top example you'll see the telltale pointer of a popover pointing up just under the Sort button; it's hard to see because they're identical in color. (I'll have to fix that.) In the other two images the popover is butted-up against the top of the layout so you won't see the pointer.

                     But you're right--I created a quickie test file with a popover and it zooms up and down according to the zoom level so it may be a theme-related issue; I don't know. I took a look at the .css file for Electric (the theme I'm using) and don't see anything obvious in the popover part of it that declares a specific zoom level. Strange.

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                       It may be an issue with your File or this specific layout. I just tested a popover on a layout with the electric theme specified on my windows 7 system and it zoomed in synch with the rest of the layout.

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                         Thanks for the info--I'll try it on a Windows machine tomorrow at work; I'm on a Mac here so it'll be interesting to see with the file I'm using, platform figures into the equation or not; if not, hmmm...

                         I'll report my findings tomorrow. Thanks!

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                           Found it, Phil:

                           First, it's not platform specific--it happens with both the Mac and PC. And no, it's not theme-related, either.

                           You were right that it had something to do with the layout: the popover will zoom in tandem with the zoom control in Form view with the popover's button in the Header and Body (and I assume Footer as well); it won't zoom in List or Table view if the popover's "button" is in the Header; the zoom will work in List view if the button is in (the) Body. (I can't tell with Table view since I can't see how you can place a button in the body section in Table view.)

                           The next question is, is this by design or an oversight by your engineers? A bug? "An undocumented feature"? A precursor of an upcoming attack by Xur and the Ko-Dan armada?

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                             They aren't MY engineers. I'm just a fellow user of the product. I don't work for FileMaker. wink

                             I suggest reporting this as a Bug over in Report an Issue to see what the TS persons have to say about it. To save typing, you can post a link to this thread in your issue report.

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                          I am having a slightly different issue with popovers: I am using POs to display filemaker scripts (creating documentation).  I want the contents of the scripts to display LARGER than the rest of the screen. I have tried to run a zoom script on entering the popover and Filemaker crashes. Any ideas here?

                          Filemaker 13, script is a PDF.

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                            This would have been better posted separately. And a product issue report would not be a bad idea at all for this if your crash is reproducible when you set up a small demo file to test the problem. Crashes have many possible causes and the reason for your crash may not be what it appears to be. Thus, a separate, created from scratch, test file can rule out a number of issues -- including the possibility that you have a corrupted layout.


                            To me, something as large as  FileMaker script might well be better displayed on its own layout and popped up in a floating document window rather than a Popover. In this case, you can then zoom this new window if you need to.

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                              Thanks Phil, I was just about to resort to a floating window..or perhaps enlarging the script. Is there a size limitation to popovers?  They can be scrolled.

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                                They can be scrolled in iOS, but not windows/mac as far as I know. I assume that there's some sort of limit, but I have yet to encounter it and haven't seen it documented anywhere.


                                I sometimes use an oversized popover to produce a scrollable read-only display of a field's contents in iOS devices where I don't want the keyboard popping up just because the user tapped into a scroll bar equipped calculation field in order to scroll the field.

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                                  Very interesting. I produced the result I wanted by:

                                        1) Opening the .pdf in acrobat and setting the properties to display at 75% then saving the pdf.

                                  When the .pdf is inserted into an interactive container (setting the container to interactive was the real challenge), it will pop right open and scroll too, on MAC.  Haven't tried it on the PC, but I thought someone might want to know that this is possible.