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    Quick Start Screen



      Quick Start Screen


      My quick start screen refuses to come out when I open filemaker pro ver 11. I have the box checked to start it automatically, but this seems to have no effect. I have to go and launch from under help. How can I solve this issue?


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          Actually i am not getting  what is quick start screen.

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            When I launch filemaker pro 11, there is a screen that pops up showing favorite files and other info that you can easily choose from. I can launch under help. there is a check box on the window saying check to have the start up screen launch at the start of filemaker pro
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              I think there are several of us looking for a solution to this silly problem.  For a powerful database program going for $500 a pop you'd think this problem would never have existed in the first place.  I would like for someone with FileMaker to tell us how to fix this or tell us when they will fix it.  This should not be a big issue but I want the #*#@! program to work the way it's supposed to.  I didn't pay $500 for a partially working program and when the front end doesn't work, it sure doesn't allow you to place much faith in the program itself.  

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                Probably not much consolation, but it works perfectly for me (running a PC, XP).  Are you able to set and save other file options and preferences?

                Note that it will not launch the Quick Start if you double-click a file, though it will show it when you exit the file.

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                  Well after spending over two hours trying different things I think I figured out how to make it work.  At least for on my MacBook Pro.  I run a program called QuickSilver that quick launches applications (among other things).  I was using QuickSilver to launch FileMaker.  I noticed that when FM was first installed that the Quick Start Screen would come up the first time.  The reason; I was launching the program from the icon itself.  So there it is;  the Quick Start Screen will come up if launched from an alias (shortcut) or from the program icon itself but not if launched from QuickSilver.  I haven't figured out for sure why that is.  I'm not sure if others are attempting to run the program in ways other than double clicking the icon itself or if their problem is unrelated to mine.  Thanks for your post.

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                    Thanks Bob. your suggestion fixed the problem.

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                      You're welcome!  I still haven't had a chance to dig in and see why launching from QuickSilver causes this anomaly.  I do have an idea though; not that it will make it work anyway.

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                        I don't really see it as a bug: I assume FM's logic is that it is a Quick Launch tool, so if you have double-clicked a file then you have already decided that is the file you want to open, so why waste your time effectively asking you, "Now you've launched Filemaker, what do you want to open?".  Double-clicking a shortcut to a file would be the same logic.

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                          I disagree. When you go to applications and click on filemaker, it is supposed to launch the start up screen as per their manual. This does not happen on my mac. When I added an Alias on my desktop, the startup screen opens, allowing me to choose what to do with filemaker.