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Quickbooks/Excel Financials Import

Question asked by PhilSlaughter on Jun 11, 2014
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Quickbooks/Excel Financials Import


     I have spent a few days looking for an answer to this but I may need help forming the question.  We currently have about 200 companies set up in separate Quickbook files.  Each of the companies has it’s own GL, Bank accounts, revenues, etc.  What I am looking for is a way to consolidate the companies in order to see a “total” cash balance or “total” income for all the companies combined.  Really I would like to roll up all the companies into a consolidated set of Financials.  According to my CFO doing this through QB would be almost insurmountable.  


     My initial idea was to have a set of financials generated for each company into an excel spreadsheet that I could then import into FM.  So, each months Balance Sheet and P&L for each company would represent one record in a Balance Sheet table and a P&L table.  I figured I could create a custom import map (script) for each company to sort out discrepancies in GL Account names.  What I initially ran into was trying to import a spreadsheet that had the headers or GL account names in a column with the data in the next column instead of the row headers and row data.  Then once I started looking into a way to import this data I began questioning whether or not that was the best way to tackle this problem.


     I figure I’m not the first person to try this but I think I’m phrasing my search terms incorrectly.