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    Quicker access to remote file



      Quicker access to remote file


      My office manager and I share the same instance of FileMaker, she opening the database remotely from my computer. I am watching what she has to do:

      1. Start FileMaker.
      2. Issue the Open Remote command.
      3. Click the Host name from the Hosts window
      4. Double-click the database name from the Files window. 
      5. Enter her account name in place of mine.

      Those are a lot of steps! Can any of this be automated for her? I know that there is command-line support for the software and I would be fine writing a lengthy batch file if that would do the trick. Open to any and all suggestions. Many thanks...


      Rick A.
      Pleasanton CA

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          Place a FileMaker file on her desk top.

          Give it this script:

          Open File[//specify the file hosted on your computer here]

          Open File Options in the File Menu for this file.

          Specify that the above one line script run when this file is opened.

          Now, when you double click this file, it will open the remote file, popping up the password dialog for her to enter her password.

          This can be adjusted so that the password is automatically entered also, but that would make it possible for anyone with access to her computer to access the database, so this would be a signficant security risk.

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            Okay, that worked great for 4/5 of the task. Now she won't have to do all of that finger-wrestling to open the file. When the file opens and asks for login, it always come up with my name (presumably because it lives on my machine?). Any way the login dialog box can be populated with her account name?

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               Check the User Name in Edit : Preferences on her PC.  I have been using a similar solution to the remoting process and set the User Name on each PC as appropriate to avoid that problem.