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    Quickfind Help



      Quickfind Help


           When I try to use quick find in my contacts table, I get an error stating "This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table."


           any ideas?

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               How are you using that feature? Manually or in a script?

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                 Neither works

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                   Any time that I've seen that error before, a script step was attempting to modify the value of a field in a table that wasn't linked to the layout's table occurrence in a relationship. Sometime's that can be due to using the wrong table occurrence name in the script step.

                   I'm only guessing here, but if you check your layout in Layout mode, do any of the fields show up as "missing..." or some such text instead of the name of the field?

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                     I had pasted in some text thats referenced fields from another table occurrence that i had not updated yet.  Problem Solved.  Thank you.


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                       New issue.  I am trying to limit my quick search to a few fields.  I selected all fields on my layout, and unchecked apply in quick find for all fields.  I am still getting too many results for the search.  When I uncheck all the fields, the quick search is still functioning.  I have a feeling that there are still fields that are selected somewhere on the layout but I also opened all popover buttons to uncheck quick find... stumped.

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                         Perhaps you need to replace the quick find feature with a global field and your own script for searching the DB. (I've never been a big fan of quick find due to how the criteria is not field specific...)

                         For some possible scripting ideas: Scripted Find Examples

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                           Are there any simple instructions for us doofuses on 'implementing QuickFind on a layout'?

                           The existing instructions assume you know there is a field required and some scripting required. The existing instructions begin AFTER the point I need help. I grok the existing instructions for use of a QuickFind box that is ALREADY on the layout and configured with its script.

                           Like, there's no 'Quick Find box' button or tool to drag onto the layout. I take it there is something to do with a text field and scripts. I need something like:

                      1.           In Manage Database, create a new Text Field with default Options set (user will type search text here).
                      3.           In Edit Layout, use the Field Tool to select this Text Field, place it on the layout and format as desired.
                      5.           In Edit Layout, use the Button Tool to place a button near the field for the user to click to search.
                      7.           In Edit Layout, select the Text Field and....
                      9.           In Edit Layout, select the Button and configure it with the Script "xxx", with default settings...

                           That sort of thing is what I need, corrected for actual instructions.

                           Does this exist anywhere on the Filemaker site or Help? I haven't been able to find it with what keywords come to mind, and hierarchy probing.

                           Wouldn't it be great if you could drag a QF icon onto the layout, select the fields to be searched, and that's that?

                           Thanks for any help anyone can provide. I'm trying to get this put on an iPad for searching our product catalog while exhibiting at a trade show, and this is the only nagging thing left.