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QuickFind taking way too long to search

Question asked by BryanN on Apr 19, 2013
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QuickFind taking way too long to search


     So I did an update to my UI file and am running across an issue.  I have a small database (16mb between the UI and data files).  We have about 500 customer records, 200 vendors, about 300 quotes and about 1500 jobs.


     QuickFind works well in any of these areas/layouts.  However, for some reason, in my quote layout, it is taking forever to produce a find (roughly 30 seconds compared to how it used to which was instantly).  We are using peer to peer but have never had issues with find speed.  The only thing that has changed is that the layout now has a tab on it with a field service calculator (to calculate cost for service with various inputs).  However, for every single record, there are no calculations (as it's a new feature).


     If I switch layouts to the list view, QuickFind works as normal.  My only guess is that each quote record has a number of calculation fields set up for the field service estimator (so each quote has a unique estimate).  Is there a setting I should be checking off to increase the speed?  Literally, it's just the quotes, nothing else.


     I've attached a screen shot of the pop up I see when doing a QuickFind


     Hardware wise, New Model Mac min running OS X Server.  Not even using 25% of CPU power, only using 1/3 of the RAM, operating on a full Gb network.