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Quickie Project

Question asked by WilHatfield on Sep 21, 2011


Quickie Project


I have an e-commerce customer who has a Filemaker Pro 10 database/scripts on her workstation that imports orders and customers. She loves the database and wants to keep it as it has become a part of her everyday routine.  The scripting has a button that reaches out to a URL and grabs of CSV of the most recent orders.  We are going to need to change that URL soon to grab it from another location as she is changing shopping cart systems. 

Simple enough to do in the scripts I'm sure, but I don't have a copy of Filemaker Pro. So I'm thinking it may be easier to have someone do the work for me. Can't really be more than a 15 minute job if the source is right in front of you. 

If someone would like this job please send me a PM with your rate and estimated time.