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Quickly and Silently Creating and Auto Entering Records in Scripts

Question asked by mickwilli on Jul 7, 2012
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Quickly and Silently Creating and Auto Entering Records in Scripts


Hi all,

One of my new projects is to re-write our companies main database that effectivly keeps the company functioning. There are a lot of improvements and aditional features that I'm working on implementing into this re-write.

One of them is the ability to automatically log actions in the database, such as user logins / logouts, creation of new records in particualr datbases and so on.

What I want to know is, is there a way to silently create a new record in an unrelated table, enter some data into it by way of a script and or calculation and then carry on, with the user totally unaware of what just happened? I have seen the "Execute SQL" script step and had hopes that this might allow me the ability to create a new record and write data to it with one quick script step, but it appears this is only intended for external SQL data sources etc.

I'm obviously aware of the usual, new window, feeze/hide window, go to layout, create new record, set field XYZ to XYZ, commit record, close window, way of accompiishing the above, but it's obviously a long winded bit of code for the sake of quicky writing a log entry to a seprate table.

Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated.