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quickly placing graphics into Containers

Question asked by ScottAR on Oct 24, 2008
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quickly placing graphics into Containers


I need to populate a whole bunch of container fields in a FileMaker 8.5 database with JPGs (that is, many, many records with a single container each, not a lot of containers in a single record). Problem is, the graphics are in a load of different folders in Finder--and you can't drag and drop JPGs from Finder into FileMaker. So far, I've added a bunch by opening them one-by-one in Preview, copying them, closing them, switching to FileMaker, then pasting.


Slow and tedious. 


Automation possibilities are limited--the files are spread out over a load of folders, and I'll need to manually select which ones are to be added within a folder with perhaps dozens of others. Though drag and drop would have been the easiest method, is there any other work-around?