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    Quicktime and Instant Web Publishing



      Quicktime and Instant Web Publishing


      I have created a database that allows he user to insert quicktime movies. When I look at it via the web using Instant Web Publishing, the movies do not show up. What do I need to do to get them to show up?



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          I have the same problem & I have never understood why. I am probably wrong, but I find nothing in the doc that confirms that QT is supported by IWP.

          Please can someone confirm this & if so, why? What is so special about QT files?

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            mbroder1 and chlowden:


            Thank you for your posts.


            All QuickTime movies are stored in a container field as a reference.  Therefore, place all the movie files in the Web folder inside the FileMaker Pro folder.


            For more information about QuickTime movies and container fields, please see Knowledge Base Article #5812.  You can access it directly at:





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              Many thanks for the reply. I thought that FMSA 9  had stopped the dedicated IWP folder that but I was wrong.

              Therefore, I have a more difficult question. I have a db with 4000 web QT files organised by film director. (no, this is not p2p) Rather than trying to create a php solution (that i have no idea how to do) I thought that iwp was the solution. The films are collected into folder & subfolders, organised by name. Therefore, I cannot reasonably unpackage all that hard work and throw the lot into a single folder. To make the DB more transportable, the container fields are calcs made up of the folder & file name + machine address (this is because when I run the db locally the file address is different from on the server, therefore the QT refs don't follow ... it would be great if this could be rectified so that every type of FM solution has the same file address). For the moment, the QT files are kept in the webserver folder of my FMSA9 mac, FM having a calculated http address that shows it to the file. This is great as I can download the files via a button in IWP. ... But the same logic of a full http address does not seem to work for a container field. Yes, you say, that is why we have webviewer. The problem with webviewer is that I have 10 films per FM entry & few are the same aspect ratio, therefore, however hard I try to size the webviewer, they never show up in the same part of the box. If you know of a way to get a webviewer window to resize so that it just shows the QT file, I am interested. As I do not believe that is possible, I reall ythought that having a calculated container field that shows FM where the file is would have got round the IWP QT publishing restriction, but it has not.
              So is there any hope for me please?

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                Check out this for a Webviewer solution. It does work.