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Quicktime file not inserting in container fields

Question asked by kluchnik on Apr 28, 2011
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Quicktime file not inserting in container fields


I have created a solution that requires certain container fields to hold quicktime movies. These are used in a script that goes to the relevant field and plays the quicktime movie. However, when I copy this solution to another computer, the script reports that it cannot play the field as an error occurred. It seems as though the container does not hold the quicktime files. I then re-import them on the new computer and then the solution works.

The problem is, when you insert a quicktime file in a field, there is no option to indicate whether you wish to only store a reference, or the actual file.

Furthermore, I tried getting around this problem by packaging this as a runtime solution. The runtime works as long as it remains on the original computer. But when I copy it to the other machine, same problem.

Any help would be appreciated.