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QuickTime Movie Files, Excel Spreadsheet, and Container Fields

Question asked by DouglasWeiner on Feb 27, 2014
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QuickTime Movie Files, Excel Spreadsheet, and Container Fields


     I have searched the FMP forums and Google and know there are container fields, and how they are more useful in version 12, but I am still at a loss of how how to masterfully apply them to my situation.

1) I am trying to create a database for an archive of QuickTime files, that currently has 1200 QT Files for about total size of 175 gigs.  The archive is slowly growing from there.
2) Currently, I have all the data for each record in an excel spreadsheet and each record has about 20 fields (year film produced, description...HiDef, StanderDef) and of course one field for a Quicktime Filename. 
3) Currently, I need only two users to access the database. 
4) I am going to store the Quicktime files on an external 500 Gig hard drive.  And was going to buy 2 drives, name them the same, and put all the files on them.
5) In the not too distant future, I am going to have all these same files posted on Amazon S3 and was hoping to publish the database so other users could preview the files as well.
6) I am not overly concerned whether the Quicktime Plays inside filemaker or simply, the user clicks on a link/icon and the movie pops up in Quicktime Player.  Although it is nice to play inside FMP.
Assumptions I am making that may be correct or incorrect:
A) Storing 175 gigs in the actual Filemaker database will bog down opening and closing this database.
B) Storing the files in Filemaker kind of locks me into a few things.  Like in the future if I want to replace all the movies with h265 smaller version, there is no simple way to replace all the movies at once.
C) Storing all the files in FMP itself prevents me from easily adding a new Path name (Amazon S3), appending the file name, and then having users see the files online.
Where I am really stuck
1) How to get the Path names and file names into FMP so that each record has a link/container that can be played.  
2) I can't seem to export a container field to see its format.  I am guessing this is the design of FMP, but then what is the workaround?
3) Can I use a calculation field (or perhaps some other kind) to combine the Path name and the file name to make a link that will play?  Or am I off base on the way FMP works.