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Quiet triggering of other databases to open?

Question asked by joestern on Jan 15, 2009
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Quiet triggering of other databases to open?


I have a pretty complicated installation that is years old, and dates back from before you could have multiple tables in one file. So I have lots of files.


I just created a new user in my main file to do some simple logging. The user only needs access to the main file - in fact, only two tables in that file.


But when I run the script, something is triggering other databases in the family to open. The script is very simple and only uses two relationships. One is a self-join and the other is a relationship to another table in the same file.


I tried setting error capture on. Didn't help.


Of course, this only happens the first time you open the file with that specific username, but I'm trying to make this as simple as possible.


Any ideas on how to keep this from trying to open other files?