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    Quits Unexpectedly



      Quits Unexpectedly


           Using FM 13 Advanced. 

           One of my layouts quits unexpectedly when I try to modify it.  It quit unexpectedly before my recent attempts to modify the layout.

           It's extraordinarily annoying.  It took about 50 restarts just to remove a couple of fields to try to re-establish them.

           Guess I have to recreate the whole darnned thing..Oh yeah, I've tried restore to no effect.

           If there is a problem with FileMaker, I will find it.

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               Chances are that your layout is damaged. I'd delete the layout and recreate it from scratch or copy it over from a back up copy that does not show this behavior.

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            I've had a similar problem with FMP14 Advanced as well. My workaround trick that worked for me was to switch layouts after editing, then go back to browse mode. I avoided the application unexpectedly quitting.

            Question: Does it crash even if you don't edit the layout; just simply switching modes? I've found the problem only occurs if there is any editing involved.