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Quiz solution

Question asked by ultranix on Dec 26, 2010
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Quiz solution


Hey. I'm making a solution, where I put contacts and every person has to complete quiz, which contains:
1) 10 questions per each category in 3 different categories: 1) education, 2) experience, 3) leisure activities.
2) each question of all 30 questions have 3 different answers to choose.

Idea is to have conditional value lists, for example, if I have a  particular question from a particular category, pop-up menu only  displays answers related to that question.

My final vision is tabbed solution: every tab has 10 questions from  different categories. I found some examples and tutorials how to make  conditional value lists. I am able to make 2 layer conditional value  list, as in there:
or I also watched:

Contact ID field is very important, meaning that every person has it's results stored.

The tricky parts here are two.
First of all: Each answer would have a separate field with a score, I  mean, whenever person selects the answer from a pop-up menu, the score  is automatically displayed in the corresponding score field, next to  "answer". I believe this is done with set field? I believe I set up wrong relationships in order for the Filemaker to look up for the score value depending on the answer.

And. How to get all those questions auto-entered from a value list in appropriate places whenever a new record (person is set to complete this quiz) is created, so that i wouldn't need to pop-up menu and re-select all those questions?

Here I uploaded the file i'm working on, no design is already applied, as I first need to get the programming right.

I would appreciate a helping hand.

Thank you in advance.