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Quote Builder Question, If-Then Selection

Question asked by pinchvalve on Sep 9, 2013
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Quote Builder Question, If-Then Selection


     Before I do too much work, I am wondering if the basic concept of what I want to do is possible for a beginner to do in Filemaker.  I haven't found anything in all of my searching yet.  

     I want my users to create a quote with FileMaker, but I have to go beyond the basic line item list.  The way our product is built, you choose a part number, and based on that, you may have to enter the weight, dimensions, color, or other parameters. These parameters differ by product.  Then you have to add options to configure the product.  These can be from a drop-down list, but the list of what is available differs by product.  

     I don't even know what to search for to try to find solutions.  Yes, I need more training on Filemaker and I am open to turning it over to a developer, I just want to know if it is even possible.