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    Quote to Invoice?



      Quote to Invoice?


           Hi all,

           I've created a system for my company which is like a contact system. I have clients and products in there. I have now created a quote system but want take it further.

           I want to be able to open a quote in the system, click a button and convert this to an invoice.

           I need to get the quote to copy to the invoice table (so I have a record of both), then open as an invoice (the second part is straight forward as I've effectively copied the invoice layout but changed the work 'Quote" to "Invoice" in the heading).

           Any ideas on how to copy the quote record to invoice (I have a table for quotes and a table for invoices)?



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               Import records can copy the current found set of records in one table into new records in another table. If you manipulate your found set so that your quote is the only record in the found set, this method can be used to copy your quote to an invoice table.

               But I'd carefully consider keeping quotes and invoices in the same table. It's also possible to lable your records in this table as quotes or invoices and you can use duplicate record to generate an invoice record from a given quote record.

               With both methods, if you have a related line items table for your quote and your invoice, you'll also need to copy them as well, but these will likely need updating to match to the correct duplicated record.

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                 Thanks Phil,

                 Would you say it makes more sense to have one table (Quotes/Invoices) rather than two (Quotes table, Invoices Table).

                 I had originally considered this as I know I could in most cases have a field which has either Quote or Invoice as the value. This would cut down on 'traffic' as the records wouldn't be cross-table, I would effectively be copying a record within the same table.

                 Actually, reading back what I've written, I think I may have answered my own question.. I think a single table for both would be more sensible.. would you agree Phil?

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                   It's why I suggested that option. It allows you to use one layout for both quotes and invoices--saving you the added effort of maintaining one layout for each.

                   Of course your user needs for quotes and invoices may be sufficiently different that you end up with two layouts even with the unified table....

                   A unified table can also make some reports much simpler to create--such as a report that lists invoices and quotes in the same report.

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                     Thanks Phil... as ever, quality advice!! Very much appreciated.