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Quotes with no part number

Question asked by Vinny on Nov 17, 2011
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Quotes with no part number



My system has a quoting feature, which allows the user to add existing part numbers (defined parts) as items on the quote.  It works great, but we want to be able to add a "quote" part as well which is really a new part, without a part number, and without a part definition.

The way my join table is set up, I don't *have* to have a part number assigned to the quote item.  BUT, if I don't, then I don't know what the unit of measure for that part may be.

Ideally, if I were to add a part to a quote, a script would run, and select the parts unit of measure per the part definition.  If the user doesn't select a part number, then the unit of measure would be all available units of measure, and the user would be able to select one appropriate for that quote.

So...I'm thinking a value list would be good here, BUT I don't know how to set up the relationship so that it shows all if no part, and only the part's Unit of measure if there is a part.

I also have implemented multiple units of measure, but have deferred that for later until I solve this first step.

Any helpful ideas?  FYI, the part number on my quote print out will show "new" as the part number if there is no existing part selected.