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    Qustion about caching/temp files on disk



      Qustion about caching/temp files on disk



      I have a general question about the technical workings of Filemaker Pro. I am the IT manager at a genetics lab. We use Filemaker Server (v.11.0.4) to host our databases. We use Filemaker Pro (v.11.0.4) on many workstations and laptops (Windows and Macintosh). Some of our databases contain sensitive data or PHI (Patient Health Information). Our campus security has asked us to identify which of our computers are storing PHI on them. So what I really need to know is, how does FileMaker Pro handle caching of data? For example, if one of our users opens a FMP database containing PHI, does FMP cache the data locally on the laptop? Is the data written to the hard drive in a cache or temp file? Or is the cache only in physical memory (RAM)?  Also, how is the cache stored?  Text?  SQLite?  Is it encrypted at all or can it be easily accessed?

      Thanks in advance for any input on this.

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          I can't answer all your questions, but I can confirm that data is written to a temp file on the client machine. The data is probably not encrypted unless the data is first encrypted (I think you can do this with a plug in...) in the actual database file.

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            As opposed to the that time when you would wroie it on a piece of paper, and leave it outside in a metal box for a couple of days.  And then, handled by 47 people across 7 states later, someone left it lying on the lobby floor of your apartment block while you were on holiday for two weeks?  Or the time that anyone who could slide a filing cabinet drawer open could read it, photo-copy it in the coffee-break, and...?

            Oh, if only the Jobs-Worths could get things in perspective...

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              I still wouldn't want a tech savvy person to steal my identity by finding and parsing out data from a temp file. In some parts, this documenting the steps taken to protect personal info is now a legal requirement.