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    Radial Button SetField Issue



      Radial Button SetField Issue



           I am using a field with 3 Radial Buttons.  Upon Layout exit, the button selection should always revert back to Button #1.

           I wrote this script to do so:

           Set Field [ButtonTable::3Buttons;"Button#1"]

           When it goes to button #1, it is supposed to execute a script that fills in a number of work hours in a series of other fields.

           If you manually click on Radial Button #1, it populates the other fields.  If you run the script, it sets the button to black (selected), but fails to "click" to execute the final link.

           I thought Set Field would do that.  What am I missing?

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               Set Field Interacts with the field at the data level, not at the layout level where your script trigger is set. I'd just modify your script to set the field's value and then use perform script to perform the same script as your script trigger, but the alternative would be to use one of the script steps that start's with "insert" to modify your radio button field as those steps interact at the layout level and thus trip script triggers avoided when you use set field.

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                  Thanks, Phil, worked fine! :)