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Radio Box selection disappearing

Question asked by DJHorton_1 on Aug 28, 2013
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Radio Box selection disappearing


     Hi, new to FM and I'm having a problem with radio boxes.  Here's what I have going on:

     1.  Several questions with a Yes/No radio box

     2.  Each question has a calculated value (Yes for question 1 = 3 points, Yes for question 4 = 2 points, etc.  All No questions = 0)

     3.  Sum of all questions is displayed at the end

     4.  The default value for all queations is No

     The math all works as it's supposed to and reports a correct value


     Because the default value is No on all questions, all the No's are selected and visible when I first start out, but after I click on them, the fill-in disappears.  So if I select Yes, the fill-in disappears for No but doesn't display Yes.  If I go back and select No again, that also doesn't disappear, so both Yes and No are blank.  The math always works correctly no matter what I select, even though I can't see it.  Checked the colors and everything is black on white, and if I get rid of the calculations and go to a basic radio box it works ok... Don't know if I'm describing very well but any help is appreciated.