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    Radio Box selection disappearing



      Radio Box selection disappearing


           Hi, new to FM and I'm having a problem with radio boxes.  Here's what I have going on:

           1.  Several questions with a Yes/No radio box

           2.  Each question has a calculated value (Yes for question 1 = 3 points, Yes for question 4 = 2 points, etc.  All No questions = 0)

           3.  Sum of all questions is displayed at the end

           4.  The default value for all queations is No

           The math all works as it's supposed to and reports a correct value


           Because the default value is No on all questions, all the No's are selected and visible when I first start out, but after I click on them, the fill-in disappears.  So if I select Yes, the fill-in disappears for No but doesn't display Yes.  If I go back and select No again, that also doesn't disappear, so both Yes and No are blank.  The math always works correctly no matter what I select, even though I can't see it.  Checked the colors and everything is black on white, and if I get rid of the calculations and go to a basic radio box it works ok... Don't know if I'm describing very well but any help is appreciated. 



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               Please describe the calculations in more detail.

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                 In the Manage DB section I have the following selected for each of the Yes/No fields:

                 Field Type = Text

                 In Options/Auto Enter I've got 'Data' selected and Value is No

                 'Calcualted Value' is selected and the formula is:  If(Q1 = "Yes"; 4; 0)

                 Everything else is default


                 To add it all up I have the Field Type = Calcualtion and the formula is:  Sum ( Q1; Q2; Q3 )



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                   You cannnot use the same field for storing the yes no values from the radio button field and also use it store the scores. When you select "yes" that text is entered into the field, but then the auto-enter calculation cahanges that value to 4 and if you select "No", "No" is entered but then the auto-enter calculation changes it to 0. Either way, your radio buttons will seem to automatically clear because the value in the field is no longer one of the values in your value list of "yes", "no".

                   Leave the yes no fields as plain text fields iwth an auto-entered no and set up separate fields to store the number value needed when the value in the text field is "yes".

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                     Thank you!  Got it working!