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Radio butons or custom dialogue box?

Question asked by paintboothguy on Jan 25, 2011
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Radio butons or custom dialogue box?


Hello Forum, 

I have a two-page layout called "confirmation" that gets compiled as a PDF and emailed to a client.

Recently, I have found that this 2-page layout needs to be faxed instead of emailed, in which case it should be a 3-page layout (the first page now being a fax cover sheet.)

I wrote a script to address this issue:  The first step in the script that will generate the 2-page layout looks to see if a radio button set says "Email", in which case the normal 2-page layout is populated and saved as a PDF.

If the radio button set says "Fax", I guess I'll have it populate a BRAND NEW layout that contains 3 pages, the first being a fax cover sheet.

Does this seem like a good, simple solution?

Is there a way to accomplish this with a dialogue box that forces a user to push an "Email" or "Fax" button, thus navigating to and populating the correct layout?