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    Radio Button - Can you Control button colour



      Radio Button - Can you Control button colour


      Using Windows XP, FMP v10.

      Have a Status field, set as a Radio Button for the User to select "Active" or "Cancelled".  I have set teh Text Format | Colour to red, so that the default colour of the button when selected is red.  Is it possible to make the button red if cancelled and green if active. 


      Also, when "Active" is selected the text does not go green until the record is committed, but if I select "Cancelled" it goes red immediately.  How do I get the "Active" selection to go green immediately, or at least when I leave this field and tab to the next, but before the record is committed.

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             You can't with a conditional format. Filemaker hasn't given us that option. If you want this badly enough to do some extra work with calculated fields and container fields, you can simulate this with a calculation that returns the contents of one container field storing a red circle as the default, but displays the contents of a different container field that stores the image of a green circle if the value of the field is "active".