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    Radio button blank on web view



      Radio button blank on web view


      In one of my layouts, I have several (4) radio button sets to limit data entry options. Each set is attached to a value list. When I view this layout via the internet, two of my radio button sets appear blank. There is no "dial", nor accompanying word. The font color choice is black; in fact, the formatting is identical to the sets that DO appear on the web version. The only difference is the two "invisible" sets are from a two-option value list (Yes, No and Closed, Open). But for kicks, I added a couple of values to the Yes/No list, and the field still appeared invisible when I used the web version. For the life of me, I can't figure out why these two fields do not show the appropriate button and text when I view via the internet. 


      I'm using FM Pro 11 and viewing through Instant Web Publishing on Safari 4.0.2.  Everything else behaves properly.