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    Radio button count



      Radio button count


      Hi there,

      i have FM Pro 10.3 and i'm trying to count the number of times radio button options are selected. My platform is Window XP.


      For further clarification the radio button have three options and i need to count the number of times each option is selected throughtout the logged records.



      Many thanks, Juan M>


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             You will want to create a new List/Report layout with leading part based upon your radio button field.  Create a summary field and Count the radio button field.  Let FM create the report because it will switch to the report layout, properly sort (by radio button field - the break field) and then go to Preview Mode for you.  If all you want are the totals, you can delete out the body and trailing summary if any and put the summary field up in the leading part next to the radio button field itself.
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            Many thanks but for some reason is not working as i would like to. I can get the names of the options but not the number of times selected each of the three options.


            Could you please elaborate more or give another option?



            Cheers, Juan M>


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                 Have you created a Summary field in the table, selecting Count for the radio button field?  As LaRetta stated, you'll need to create a new layout, as a 'Columnar list/report', 'Report with grouped data', and 'Include subtotals'.  Follow the wizard from there to place the correct fields on the layout.
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                Assuming you have a radio button field call Type with two options:  Wholesale and Retail and you want to count how many times Wholesale was selected and how many times Retail was selected …


                Create a new field (type is summary) and COUNT your Type field (all together), maybe call it sCountType.


                Create a new layout, selecting ‘list/report’ then NEXT.  Select below ‘report with grouped data’.  Then NEXT.  Specify fields … since you want only your Type field and the number,  select your type field and move it to Layout fields.


                Organize Records by Category … Select Type and move it to report categories then NEXT.  Sort records by Type (so move it over and specify whether ascending or descending).  Select a Theme and then Header/Footer information then NEXT.


                Create a script for this report … select ‘create script’.  In this way FileMaker will create the script and properly sort by the Type field (this is critical).  When done, go to Layout mode and delete the body part.  Then select Insert Field > sCountType and place this field up next to your Type field.  When done, run your script. 


                * You can also create a new summary field in the middle of your layout creation ( FileMaker will ask you if you’ve specified in the opening where you specified ‘report with grouped data’ … simply check below ‘Include Subtotals’.  If someone is new to FileMaker, it is easier for them to create the summary field directly in Define Fields.

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                  Guys, many thanks for your help and patience.


                  I'm working on a survey and each record have many questions with radio button options. I got it for one question and I'll work it out in how to get the counting of the other questions in one summary.


                  If I cannot make it, I'll request help for a summary of multiple radio button counting.



                  Cheers, Juan M.


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                       Each question should be a related record.  Then your counts will be easy.  You can convert them even now and it would be a very good idea.  :smileyhappy:
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                      Guys i got it working but unfortunately it does not solve my situation and i'm quite sure the solution cannot be too dificult. I'm just returning to FM as my last active involvement with this software was more than 7 yeas ago so i'm very rusty. 


                      As mentioned i'm running a survey with over 100 questions with multiple choices (radio button). I'm expecting over 1000 replies to this survey. I can change from radio button to pop up / checkbox / etc.


                      As per your presented solutions it only works for one question but i have to see a summary of all questions together and at each question the number of time each of the options was selected.


                      Also i need to sort by different ways and options (age, location, so on) but this really doesn't bother me too much as i have not problem in setting up this. 



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                        As LaRetta said, you need to change your data structure.


                        You should have (at minimum) a table of Questions (where each question is a record), a table of Subjects (a record for each person surveyed), and a table of Responses - where each individual response to a question is a separate record (related to the question and the subject).


                        Without this, you will find it very difficult to summarize your results.

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                          Again many thanks ! I'll try tables and revert when finish but still I'll investigate other options as I remember doing something very similar with first versions of FM but without the use of tables and was quite straight forward.



                          Cheers and many thanks once more, Juan M>


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                            jcampos wrote:

                            I remember doing something very similar with first versions of FM but without the use of tables and was quite straight forward.

                            If you have such a method, I'd be interested in learning it.