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Radio button filtering and data entry

Question asked by Stu412 on Dec 22, 2014


Radio button filtering and data entry


Hi there

I've set up a radio button with three choices, let's call them Cars, Bikes, Trucks.

For each choice, I need an end user to enter a value of sales per month.  

The radio button choices are defined in their own table and related back to the sales table.  Within the sales table, I've set up simple month columns, Jan, Feb, Mar etc.  The month columns are onscreen as fields to be typed into by the end user.

What I'm looking to achieve is that the user can click Cars, enter their data, click Bikes, enter that data and then click Trucks to finish the data.  If they were to click back to cars, they should be able to see only what they entered for that type.

In the final twist, this whole thing needs to be sorted by overall customer!  

I think I can get away with the Sales table linked to Choices table, with customers joining in for the fun of it with the FK customerID on each row.

What I need is to get the filtering.  This could be a dumb question and I could have missed something, or could be something else.  

Any help appreciated.  Thanks