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    Radio button group - adjust item spacing?



      Radio button group - adjust item spacing?



      Is there a method to adjust the spacing of the radio button group items? I am trying to conserve screen real estate on a layout and would like to tighten up the gap between them horizontally, e.g.:

      O Yes    O No   

      ... change to 

      O Yes O No

      I've tried every option that I can think of, but to no avail.



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          Although it is best to use 1/0 instead of yes/no (because you can summarize by counting the 1s and it also allows creation of relationships more simply), you would accomplish what you wish either way by:

          Create one value list with yes.  Create a second value list with only No.  CTRL-C to copy your field and attach one VL to one copy and attach the second VL to the second copy.  Place them anywhere you wish.  They will toggle as one.

          If you use 1/0 the same will work.  Except make the field as wide as it is tall which will REMOVE the 1/0 from the display.  Now place whatever words you wish next to them (even yes/no) as regular labels.  This extends the usability of these two value lists.  This works well because the value list for 1 can be called simply 'flg_on' and the 0 can be called 'flg_off'.  These two value lists can then be used for any time of flag you wish - simply attach them to your field.  I prefer using 1/0 over 1 alone; default enter 0.

          There is a difference between NULL and 0 and if you have a field with a mix of 1, 0 and null, it can complicate your finds, i.e. you would have to remember to first find for 0 and then find for =.  Performing a find for <1 won't find the NULL records in a number field.  Also, you can relate 0 > (empty field) to relate to records with empty foreign keys (or any empty value) to find 'records that do NOT relate' or do not contain a value.

          The additional reason I prefer always using 1/0 is that you can set the display at the layout level to boolean number.  There, you can type yes for 1 and no for 0.  If the no is empty (NULL) you can't use a boolean false result to display any words you wish, including leaving the no result empty.  You could then use the flg_on attached to a checkbox and toggle display on or off ... you don't NEED to include the 0.

          Using 1 and 0 as individual value lists means they can be used in many configurations with any label descriptions you wish.

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            Thank you very much for the detailed explanation and I will definitely use this in up-coming projects. However, for the one in question, there are just way too many of these radio button groups, and they will never need the summarization capability. This is purely the "design & layout" person in me wanting a "quick fix" to a "graphic" issue :)