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    Radio Button Help



      Radio Button Help



      I am brand new (just started using today) to FileMaker. I am using version 11. I will try to explain the situation as best as I can, so please forgive me if some of my terminology is incorrect. 

      I am trying to create a database to track when updates have been completed. I have a list of software and would like to have each software title have a radio button (or checkbox) next to it, so someone could go in and select "Yes or No" I have created a field called "Updates" and have set a custom value to that field with "Yes and No" I have the radio button set up next to the name of the software title, but when I click on the first "Yes" or "No" it will select all of them with the same response and I cannot change it. I have attached a image to better describe what it is doing. 

      Can this be fixed with a script? Am I going about it all wrong? Is there a step I am missing? I have tried with multiple checkboxes and radio buttons, even making "Yes" and "No" individual values and buttons. 

      I have tried searching online and on this forum for a solution, but haven't found one (maybe I am not searching for the correct thing) any help would be much appreciated. 


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          It would appear that you've added the same field twice to your layout. Click on the second yes no field on the layout and see if Display Data from still reads Lab Updates::Updated.

          It looks like you should set up a portal of related records on this tab to a related table where you'd have a field for the software title, the update status, the Current Version, and notes. That will give you much greater flexibility in listing your installed software as you can add new software titles to the list simply by adding a new record to this table.

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            Thank you! 

            They are the same! I appreciate the help! I will look into creating a portal! Thanks so much, again!