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Radio Button Help

Question asked by NicheleDudley on Jun 9, 2011
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Radio Button Help



I am brand new (just started using today) to FileMaker. I am using version 11. I will try to explain the situation as best as I can, so please forgive me if some of my terminology is incorrect. 

I am trying to create a database to track when updates have been completed. I have a list of software and would like to have each software title have a radio button (or checkbox) next to it, so someone could go in and select "Yes or No" I have created a field called "Updates" and have set a custom value to that field with "Yes and No" I have the radio button set up next to the name of the software title, but when I click on the first "Yes" or "No" it will select all of them with the same response and I cannot change it. I have attached a image to better describe what it is doing. 

Can this be fixed with a script? Am I going about it all wrong? Is there a step I am missing? I have tried with multiple checkboxes and radio buttons, even making "Yes" and "No" individual values and buttons. 

I have tried searching online and on this forum for a solution, but haven't found one (maybe I am not searching for the correct thing) any help would be much appreciated.