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Radio Button History

Question asked by SCOPe on Feb 12, 2010
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Radio Button History



FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.0v1
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3

Database Details:
FileMaker Server 10
24 Databases
67 Average Connected Users
Majority Connected Through Citrix Xenapp



I have many radio buttons on a layout that I need to keep the history of what status they were in on certain dates, and be able to display the status.


For example:







Missing, Incomplete, & Invalid is one radio set

Resolved is another radio set


I need to keep the history of if Missing, Incomplete, or Invalid is checked....based on certain dates.




Current thought of setup:


I have a seperate table that holds records for these critierias:

Each Record Contains:

Date, Field for each criteria(Critieria 1, 2, 3)


Where I am stuck is based on which date I search by, setting the layouts radio selection to display that history...


I'll take whatever thoughts/suggestions I can get.


I know it's a bit confusing...let me know if I need to explain it a little more.