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    Radio Button Option



      Radio Button Option


      What I am looking to do is have a set of fields (IP, Subnet, Gateway, DNS1, DNS2) that are gray unless a radio button is selected/activated, "Static IP" button. The button doesnt have to add anything to the table, just has to basicly turn on or off for the script. If selected the fields are ungrayed and data can be entered, but all fields execpt DNS2, must be filed in or an error message occurs.

      I guess what I am trying to do is have all data on this layout filed in with out an error and all the IP information when selected. Most of the IP are DHCP and this is just for the few devices that do have static. I dont want users accidently selecting the field and it creates a record of nothing.


      And if I do it this way, will it work going through Web publishing?


      The goal is the beable to do inventory with an IPAD using Web publishing.


      If this is possible, how can it be done?

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          I suggest setting up a tab control. The fields are grey and field entry prohibited (See behavior section on the inspector's data tab) on one tab panel and not grey and field entry permitted on the other. Then, you can select the second tab to edit these fields or you can make the tab control invisible and use a button that set's a value in a field and performs a script that uses go to object to select the correct tab panel to "lock" or "unlock" the fields by bringing the correct panel to the front.